Mapa Srbije

Lunjevac - Smederevo
Serbia and Montengegro
tel. +381 (26) 784-120
fax. +381 (26) 784-186

ecoland - fruit and vegetable production and trade

We are ecoland, company for producing fruits and vegetables from village Ljunjevac near Smederevo. We have been in the market for 5 years.

Land culture

Among hills, river and sky lies our land of promise. Our greenhouses and rich lands help us to produce the best quality fruit and vegetables. Clear water, natural soil, clean air and temperate climate are all factors that add to the lands' productiveness. With our first rate techniques, we get the best quality from our products.


From the beginning, when we had low production levels, we nurtured our soil, to bring it to the highest level for our fruit and vegetables. That is how we have earned our customer's confidence. Every year we search for one more modern greenhouse, and for one big revelation that will ensure we remain as experts in our field.
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